Our first meeting

Today we held the first meeting of the Early Saints group, hosted by the BYU Center for Family History & Genealogy. We were pleased to welcome more than 15 scholars and several student research assistants; it seemed that many of the participants were surprised to see so many like minds! A recurring theme of the discussion was the value of detailed data collection, not only for scholarly research, but to help descendants and the general public gain an appreciation of the heroic lives of these early saints. I’m not sure if I’ve ever heard someone bear their testimony about a database before 🙂 . There seems to be a common vision of one day having a single portal where you can go to get all kinds of information about a particular person in church history, perhaps collecting it from a number of scholarly databases. Looks like we have our work cut out for us.


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  1. This group has had a lot of contact over the last 6 months. I just got back from spending 3 week “vacation” I started our in Mormon Grove visiting the Atchison Historical Society’s Dea Yankee, going to Nauvoo working with Larry Nichols meeting Susan Easton Black and saying hello to Gene Shirts and the Missionaries at the Land and Record office there. I met with Joseph Johnstun and was impressed with his knowledge of Nauvoo History. I also spent 9 days with Terry Latey and Shauna Anderson Young and her team in Omaha tramping through the bush looking for little known burials along with doing historical research there. Since our last meeting I have met with Brandon Plewe at which time we worked on placing branches for Mapping Mormonism which he is about to republish. I have also attended Trail Consortium meetings & met with Lee from the National Parks Service about our holdings for persons passing through Utah that were headed for the California Gold Fields. I received a contact from Kevin Hensen and the Mormon Battalion. Much is happening this week I want to arrange to go to BYU and make the rounds with Sister Layton who is doing Nauvoo Property and tax records data, Jill Crandall working on Persons living in Nauvoo with a staff of students researchers. I hope to see Brandon Plewe and Shauna Anderson Young and share info with each. Much is being done and there is much to be done! Church History is about ready to digitize Rowena Miller’s card file 70 feet of 3/5 cards that is about 84,000 cards that refer to persons and property from Nauvoo. (Rowena Miller was NRI’s secretary and I think head researcher from the looks of things) Well bye for now. I hope all is well with all of you! Sister Laura Anderson

  2. we are resear;ching those buried at Davis Camp near Kanesville, Iowa. My 3rd Gr. Garandfather
    is buried there See find a grave for Henry Randall. A few years age it was found that there are]30
    burials there,
    Any help would be greatly apreciated We will ;gladly share our findings with you.

    • Boy it has been a long time since I have been here. Sorry for the tardy response!
      The people who could best help you are the Pioneer Research group particularly Terry Latey tglatey@cox.net. She is doing a project called Lest they be Forgotten. Tell Terry I said hello

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