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With the holiday and all, I haven’t had a chance to report on the all hands meeting we had a couple weeks ago. Personally, I think it was very successful. We had a chance to see a variety of projects that are going on out there. I admit we are a little disorganized still, and we are unlikely to agree on everything, but it was clear that there is a critical mass of scholars with a common goal: documenting the lives of the early members of the Church.

The idea was raised to have another meeting in the vicinity of this year’s MHA conference in Provo in June. If we do that, I would like us to move to the next step with a “get to work” workshop rather than another show-and-tell. Please send me your ideas of what that work might include.


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  1. Brandon,

    What is the status of your proposed meeting? I would not be unable to attend in person; the Historical Pioneer Research Group will be meeting for our annual fieldwork the last week of June. I will be in preparation for that work. I could and would be very interested in meeting remotely with the group.

    Sister Terry Latey
    Pioneer Research Library
    Research Librarian
    Mormon Trail Center at Historic Winter Quarters
    3215 State Street
    Omaha, NE 68112-1703

    Historical Pioneer Research Group, Inc,
    Administrator to the Early LDS Database, “Crossroads to the West”, & “Lest They Be Forgotten” Projects

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