EarlySaints III 2016

We had a very successful 3rd meeting yesterday at BYU! This year the focus was on introducing some of the technologies out there that will help our various data projects to work more closely together. We got a glimpse of the new First Century of Missionary Work site from Matt McBride, Laura Anderson, and Kevin Nielson, including how it is connecting to other databases like Overland Travels and how we might connect our data to it. We learned about Linked Data from Tod Robbins, which fosters connections between data on the internet that can be discovered and used by both people and computers. Then Luther Tychonievich discussed his efforts to automatically match people between our various databases, which will enable and strengthen the links among us.

A recurring theme was complimentarity, that each project affiliated with EarlySaints has some aspect that is unique from other projects, and that working together doesn’t make our work obsolete, but allows us to focus our resources on what we are passionate about and less on the research that others are already doing.

We were able to create a video recording of the entire meeting which you are welcome to download if you were not able to be there. It is a raw recording; the audio is occasionally bad (esp. at the beginning), but at least it’s something. If someone wants to clean it up, or cut it up into segments, that would be great.

A final note. Some have expressed interest in having a summer meeting in the Midwest. What do you think?


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  1. We are looking at the 11th of July somewhere in Independence. There is a meeting room at the LDS Visitors Center I am sure we could get but would rather go the the Community of Christ library and archives or some other venue. I’ll keep you posted.

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