EarlySaints Summer Meeting

We had a Meeting at the Community of Christ Temple in Independence on July 15th 2016. We had many persons who attended remotely thanks to Map’n’Tour and the Hensons. We had people from Utah CHL & SUU, Virginia, Wisconsin, along with about 10 at the archive. First we went around that group and introduced all of the persons in attendance. Next the Community of Christ Archivist Rachael Killebrew explained that right now they are only open to the public one day a month and that day is determined by the day the first person wants to come. All others must come on that day or wait till the next month.

Dan Kelty introduced his Spreadsheet based on the Community of Christ documents which he wants to update with one more resource (he had just picked it up from them) before he sends a copy to myself and Brandon Plewe for sharing. He is also very knowledgable about the other branches of the restoration movement.

I then did a short presentation on how to use the LDS Church History Library and how to submit requests for digitization, use the Ask us function, Missionary and overland travel databases.

Hope all of you are doing well!

We will be shortly updating our membership with additional members.

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