A great meeting!

Yesterday, we had a great EarlySaints meeting. Thank you to everyone who participated, from near and far! There were a lot of great ideas expressed, which will help us to finally make some real progress in our technical goals of making the various datasets that “document the first Mormons” work together.

  • Laura Anderson discussed the need to preserve and share your research in ways that will make it useful to your colleagues and your successors.
  • Brandon Plewe demonstrated one immediate tool for doing just that, the EarlySaints Data Hub, where you can now share the data you have collected with the community and/or the public. Watch for online help on how to contribute.
  • Jeff Haddon gave us a case study on the needs the Church History Library has for interoperating databases, and their vision of what EarlySaints can do for them and how they can contribute to this community.
  • Our technical team (Luther Tychonievich, Tod Robbins, Matt McBride, Brandon Plewe) discussed their plan for facilitating database linking by  creating a “Person Authority,” a list of individuals in the early Church with a common ID (and minimal identifying attributes), which each of us can link to in our data, thus indirectly linking to all of the other databases that are doing the same. Our goal is to have this community help to build consensus on the existence of these persons. Watch the Data Hub for draft authority lists that you can test and give us feedback!

Now our collective task is to build on the energy of the meeting and continue to make progress throughout the year. Thanks again for helping us build this community!

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