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    One “product” that we have discussed is to build a Linked Data interface to each of the online databases (FamilySearch, EarlyLDS, Nauvoo Community, MormonPlaces) to enable them to link to each other, and to better enable software to read and work with the data automatically. That is, each person in EarlyLDS would have a URL/web page (separate from the existing page) that would be formatted very similarly to a page for that person in the Nauvoo Community site.

    Here are some possible discussion points:

    1. FamilySearch already has an API; would it be worthwhile to build an API for EarlyLDS, Nauvoo, etc.?
    2. What are the formats to support in a linked data API? JSON-LD? RDF? The existing pages+RDFa?
    3. What ontologies/vocabularies/schemas can we leverage (e.g.,, FOAF, BIO, GEDCOMX)? What will we need to invent?
    4. Will we need to transform the data model of each database into a common model, or can we just represent the data as-is?
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