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    A few of us have started discussing the technical issues of making all our projects work together. We have taken on a few tasks for the summer and beyond:

    • Finding (and storing a list of) matches between people in the various databases so we can walk between them; i.e., Levi Ward Hancock = KWJZ-DLC in FamilySearch = I10981 in EarlyLDS = 22006 in Nauvoo Community.
    • Helping researchers self-publish smaller databases (e.g., excel spreadsheets) as databases online that can be integrated with everything else
    • Linked Data API’s for the major databases to enable them to talk to each other
    • A federated search tool that can search across databases and collate the results in a single interface
    • The ontologies/schemas/vocabularies that are needed (beyond what is already out there) to make all of this work.

    If you are interested in participating, we have set up a page on github. If you have ideas for high priority tasks to add to this list, respond to this post. To discuss any of these in detail, please start a new topic.




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