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The EarlySaints Group consists of a variety of independent projects and scholars, all of whom are collecting data about the people who were part of early Church History. Who were they? What did they do? Where did they live? What were their families like? We welcome any and all who are involved in similar projects!

Participating Project Sites

Participating Scholars

  • Michael & Jolene Allphin, Tell My Story
  • Laura Anderson, LDS Church History Library missionary, early church records
  • Shauna Anderson Young, BYU Microbiology and Molecular Biology: Winter Quarters and Southwest Iowa
  • Barbara Bernauer, Community of Christ Archives: Early RLDS branches
  • Robert M. Call, Independent scholar, Succession Crisis Denominations
  • Jill Crandell, BYU Center for Family History & Genealogy: Nauvoo Community Project, Garden Grove/Mt. Pisgah
  • Ronald Dennis, BYU, Early Welsh Mormons
  • Susan Easton Black Durrant, BYU Church History & Doctrine (emeritus): early members in Nauvoo and Winter Quarters
  • Scott Esplin, BYU Church History & Doctrine: Nauvoo Restoration
  • Kathleen Flake, U. Virginia Religious Studies: Early Plural Marriage
  • Jeanne Gubler, BYU Life Sciences: Winter Quarters and Southwest Iowa
  • Jeff Haddon, LDS Church History Department: Church web databases
  • Kevin & Denny Henson, Map-n-Tour: Virtual tours of historical sites
  • Max Jamison, Mormon Battalion Association: Mormon Battalion
  • Robin Jensen Sr., 1830-32 members
  • Joseph Johnstun, independent scholar: Nauvoo
  • Daniel M. Kelty: Early RLDS branches
  • Carl & Margaret Larson, Mormon Battalion Association: Mormon Battalion soldiers
  • Terry Latey, Winter Quarters Visitors Center: Winter Quarters/Kanesville area
  • Elaine Layton: Nauvoo land records
  • Matt McBride, LDS Church History Department: historical databases
  • Alan Morrell, LDS Church History Museum: Missionaries
  • Larry Nicholl: Nauvoo area, member databases
  • Brandon Plewe, BYU Geography: branches and settlements
  • Benjamin Pykles, LDS Church History Department: Nauvoo Historical Sites
  • Tod Robbins, independent scholar: Dictionary of Mormon Biography
  • Richard Saunders, Southern Utah University: Schismatic groups
  • Eugene & Margaret Shurts, LDS Church History Library missionaries: Nauvoo occupations
  • Alex Smith, LDS Church History Department: Joseph Smith Papers Project, Nauvoo residents
  • Kip Sperry, BYU Church History & Doctrine: family history research
  • Patricia Spilsbury, LDS Church History Library: members of the early Relief Society
  • Luther Tychonievich, U. Virginia Computer Science: Early Plural Marriages, historical data architectures
  • Gerrit van Dyk, BYU Library: Nauvoo
  • Maurine Ward, independent scholar: Iowa branch records, early Relief Society

If you are interested in joining our group, e-mail Brandon Plewe at plewe@byu.edu.


Who We Are — 6 Comments

  1. Folks, we are in the process of establishing a new Board of Directors for the Mormon Battalion Association. Please advise if any of you are interested, or know of civic leaders who might be. Thanks. – Max

  2. Do we have all of our attendees from last Feb. on here I am missing several persons like Kyle Anderson from CES, Phil Dunn and Mark Gradner from FHL British Floor, Rose Pierson from Family Search…I would be happy to type the list if you have it. Laura Anderson

  3. I just watched our meeting again.
    Early Missionary database is up and being improved by the family members. If you had a missionary who served before coming to the US there is a good possibility that we do not have that person. I located a obit for my Matheson ancestor, sent it in and he is now on the database as he should be family tradition says that he served for 14 years before George Q Cannon released him to come to Zion.
    The Relief Society book has been published in Feb 2015 and an on line sourced database for the “long bios” will be up by Summer.
    We are looking into having an Early Saints meeting in Independence the second Monday in July for the folks in the mid west that can’t make it to our SLC/Provo meetings.
    Terry Latey and people in Omaha are planning an event called the Grand Encampment on the 7-10 of July with a Symposium featuring many from our group as presenters. For more information on that contact tglatey@cox.net This event will also feature a Handcart and Wagon Company groups as well as a lot of Mormon Battalion goings on.

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